(18 mos - 3 years)

 Toddlers learn best through movement and exploration, following intrinsic motivation, and they experience "sensitive periods" - times when they are particularly attuned to discovering and mastering skills. The Montessori Toddler room is set up specifically for this. 

To help foster this period, activities are positioned around the room so that toddlers may choose among them. They are free to explore and are given the time they need to complete whatever they start. The activities allow toddlers to experience sequence, form, shape, movement and sound. 

A carefully prepared Montessori environment, planned down to the smallest detail, guides children to tools for learning new things just at the moment they are ready for them. 


(3 - 6 years)

The Montessori Primary environment includes children ages 3 through 6 years (preschool and kindergarten). E.M.M.A. offers a state of the art classrooms with certified Montessori teachers allowing the opportunity for individualized attention and self-paced learning.


The three-year cycle is an essential part of Montessori education. Children stay in the same room with the same teacher and group of children for 3 years. During the Montessori three-year cycle, children experience different roles, responsibilities, and perspectives.


Young children learn by observing and interacting with the older children. Older children gain a true understanding of concepts by teaching them to their younger peers. Each year, children become more independent, leading up to their 3rd year (Kindergarten) where they have the unique opportunity to be community leaders and role models.