welcome to e.m.m.a.

 As you become increasingly familiar with the Montessori Method of education, you will discover how it supports and complements your child’s developmental needs, psychological characteristics, tendencies, and interests.



Hello, my name is Miss Tammi. I am the Owner/Director and PreK/K lead Montessori teacher. Like you, I am a mom too. I have 6 beautiful children that are my world. After my husband got downsized out of his corporate job of 20 years, I was looking for a new direction. I have a passion for children and for the Montessori Philosophy. That is why I am here! We are a non-profit school. I am here for you and your beautiful child(ren) and to continue the Love of Learning through the Montessori Philosophy! As Dr. Maria Montessori had stated, "A child is both a Hope and a Promise for Mankind" I truly believe this statement and is my passion to help your child(ren) get a Love for learning and provide Peace education for our future!